Stamp Review Crew – Mosaic Madness


Welcome to another edition of the Stamp Review Crew, a group of Stampin’ Up demonstrators who blog on the first and third Monday of every month, highlighting a specific Stampin’ Up stamp set. If you’re hopping in order, you just came from Kelly’s blog.

This week we’re featuring Mosaic Madness. This set reminds me of a Moroccan motif. To come up with a color combo, I searched my favorite website – Pinterest – for “Moroccan color combinations.” I settled on this pretty picture. I think it’s from a clothing site, but the link was broken. Hello Honey and Cajun Craze – right?


Here’s my interpretation:

Iguanastamp! Stampin' Up Mosaic Madness
I decided I liked the color combination, but the card wasn’t really doing it for me, so I tried a redesign. I think I like this one better – what do you think?
Iguanastamp! Stampin' Up Mosai Madness
Ok, I’m back with one more. My Pinterest search for Moroccan colors also turned up a mix of blues and silvers.  Using these colors and this rug as an inspiration,
I came up with this:
Iguanastamp! Stampin' Up Mosaic Madness

I even added sequins. I really am trying to incorporate more bling in my cards and this one has not one, but SEVEN sequins. What do you think?

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6 Responses to Stamp Review Crew – Mosaic Madness

  1. Dawn Tidd says:

    Moroccan, I agree. I love the colors and the way you shaped the mosaics into a curve. Really nice!

  2. Great interpretation, Nancy! Your card is delightful!

  3. Ann Schach says:

    A beautiful color combination…perfect for a Moroccan vibe! I absolutely love the curve…very unique!

  4. I agree this is awesome how you used pinterest for the color combo. It’s a beautiful combination. I like the layout and what you did with layering the mosaics.

  5. Mike says:

    The color combination is perfect! The white space adds to the palette perfectly!

  6. Tanya Boser says:

    I love the arc of mosaics on the first card, the use of white space on the second, and the stunning coloring between and inside the stamps on the third, wow! What a fantastic group of cards!

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