A Graduation Card

I’m a little late getting this card out to my daughter’s boyfriend, but I hope he will think it’s worth the wait. I decided to go with the card in a box. It’s been awhile since I made one, but fortunately, I put the directions on my blog the last time I made one.

Their school colors are black and gold and at first I was a little stumped as to how to keep it from looking bland. I generally use more colors in my cards. Unfortunately, my pictures aren’t helping. Someone told me my lens might be foggy. Might be time to switch to another camera.


I used gold paper on the tassel and seal on the diploma, but the card needed more gold. So I pulled out all my stars – punch, border punch and framelits. I punched out the centers of the biggest stars and adhered a smaller star in the center on the strips of window sheet that support the standing stars. I scattered the small stars from the border punch on the bottom panels. Here is a closeup:


And here it is (almost) closed. You should test periodically as you’re building your card so that nothing sticks over the edges like it does on mine.


Of course, now my daughter is complaining that the card I made her didn’t have nearly the same “wow” factor to it, so I reminded her that his gift isn’t nearly as nice as what she got. 😉

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