When you clean out a closet …

There’s no telling what you’ll find. I am on a mission. I have a bedroom that right now is housing all the things we have been keeping in there over the years for lack of a better place to store them. But now the room has a new purpose in life – a home gym. Nothing fancy, it’s a small room. But I have a workout bike and we’re being gifted with an elliptical, so I’m sorting through and selling, donating or finding a new home for about 95% of the things in the room.

The big bug-a-boo in the room is the closet. It’s a fairly large walk-in closet and it’s packed with old family photos, games, previous hobbies and unfinished projects. One of the projects I came across is a scrapbooking venture that my daughter Cara and I started when she was about 11 or 12. We had seen cute (and not so cute) scrapbook pages being sold on ebay for ridiculous prices.  So we began making 2 page spreads to sell. Well, that little side business didn’t really take off, but we did learn to make the cutest little “tear bears”.

Iguanastamp! Tear Bear card
These little bears are made by tearing shapes from a fuzzy mulberry-type paper. This particular piece was part of a little girl bath-time spread we created. Doesn’t she have just the cutest little face?
Iguanastamp! Tear Bear
We learned how to make them from Cindy Trombley, who, for all I know, is still selling tear bear scrapbook pages on ebay. I took this sweet piece and turned it into a card I’m sending out to my daughter. I think it will bring back some fun and fond memories.
I never really got into scrapbooking, but with all the pictures sitting in that closet, I will be taking it up again. But this time, I plan to keep it simple and quick by using Stampin’ Up’s Project Life products. But who knows, a tear bear or two may find their way into my albums. 🙂
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