Need a little color inspiration?



Ever look at your colors and wonder which combinations would look best together? Which green will go with that pink? Or would red be better? I have a few tried and true combinations, but I struggle when trying to come up with new ones. You’ve probably seen the Design Seed website that uses beautiful photographs and pulls out 3-6 colors from it to create amazing color combinations. However, it is hard to find colors that match my ink and paper colors and sometimes, although they’re beautiful colors together, they don’t translate very well to a card or scrapbook page.

Well, I was very excited to see that Stampin’ Up! set up a new Pinterest board dedicated to SU color combinations. The format is just like Design Seeds, with a picture of a project and the colors used. Give it a try. You might just find your new favorite color combination.

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One Response to Need a little color inspiration?

  1. geraldine quesenberry says:

    i think the center step card would make a great christmas card using the lone tree from the lovely as a tree set, using the cherry cobbler paper and the green tree. i will definitely try it. thank you for this post.

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