Simply Sent Card Kit Give-Away

Stampin’ Up! has gifted me with a free Simply Sent card kit.  This retired kit is from the 2011 catalog. The only catch? I need to give it to someone who might be interested in card making, but has never given it a try. Here’s where I need your help – I need you to nominate someone you know to receive it.  The kit contains everything needed to make 8 adorably cute cards.GreatDaySo leave me a comment nominating someone to recieve the kit. You don’t have to give me their name, just tell me how you know them (i.e., neighbor, aunt, etc.) and why you think they would like the kit. I’ll pick a random winner from the comments I get.You might be thinking – “What’s in it for me?”  Well I couldn’t pick your entry without giving you something, too. The winning commenter will get an unmounted set called It’s the Thought.  So leave a comment by Saturday, March 30, and I will pick a winner from the entries.


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4 Responses to Simply Sent Card Kit Give-Away

  1. Jennifer Isham says:

    My daughter in New Jersey loves the cards I make but has never made cards herself. She’s crafty however, and would no doubt love to receive this card kit as a surprise. Who knows, maybe she’ll even make a card to send to me! 🙂

  2. Ileana Morales says:

    My son’s girlfriend would love that set of cards. I helped her make a scrapbook album for her mom for Christmas and she enjoyed scrapbooking so much that she wants her mom to buy her supplies to make another one. This was her first scrapbook and her first time getting involved with scrapbooking. She’s never made cards, but she loves the one’s I make. I’m sure she would be thrilled and excited to receive this card kit. 🙂 Ile

  3. Celeste F says:

    I work with a gal that I think would love to make cards…but doesn’t know how to get started. I think she would get ‘hooked’ if she began with this starter kit. CTF

  4. Stacey Q says:

    Thanks Nancy for giving us the opportunity to nominate a person that we know will love cardmaking as much as we do. My neighbor, Linda, recently retired and is looking for another hobby to fill her time. She’s a lovely caring mother of 1, grandmother of 2, and absolutely wonderful neighbor and friend. I’ve shown her my cards and she is eager to get started learning how to make them. If anyone deserves this card award, it’s my caring neighbor, Linda, a woman who goes out of her way to help others, who loves getting creative, and who is looking for a hobby to fill her newly retired schedule.

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