Another Paper Pumpkin Card

I made two more paper pumpkin cards today from the first kit. The first one I made just like the instructions, and I must say, I think it looks a lot better in real life than in the picture. The third and final* card I made is another “pimped up” version.

Anyway, here is the last of my paper pumpkin cards. O, and I get extra points for using bling – something I don’t do very often, but should do more of.  What do you think?

My Paper Pumpkin kit #1 with Tempting Turquoise and Daffodil Delight accents

* There would have been a fourth card, but sadly, i messed up the yellow polka-dotted paper. 😦 I was making a second one just like the instructions, but the first thing that went wrong was I had the paper upside-down when I stamped the sentiment stamp. It just looks better the with the darker dots on the top and the lighter on the bottom, but I was going to go with it as is.  However, as I was getting ready to put the stickers on it, I smudged gray ink right in the middle of the paper! I tried a few things to recover, but I ended up totally messing up that sheet. So I’ll have a gray card and some leftover stickers and buttons to play with later.

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6 Responses to Another Paper Pumpkin Card

  1. Jennifer Isham says:

    I love the card – very sunny and cheerful. I also appreciate that you spoke about messing up while making some. Adding this sense of reality gives me permission to not be hard on myself when I mess up on mine 🙂

    • smithr66 says:

      O Jennifer – if you could only see my table and trash can after I make a card. Some come together very easily, but others are a process. In fact, an hour after I made this post, I ripped off the pieces on this card and reworked it because I just wasn’t loving it. What you see now is the new, improved card. 🙂
      – Nancy

  2. Jessica says:

    You just convinced me that I truly neeeed this butterfly punch. This card is simple AND lovely. I like that…I like cards I feel I can make and love to know Im not the only one who gets all frustrated when creating…if u had any not smudged area in ur dsp..punch virvles out of it or flowers and scrunched them up…mat be to late but in case you can save a bit. Blessings!! Will ck the button in the morning!!

  3. Boni says:

    The butterfly is perfect on this card! And of course, there are never mistakes in paper crafting, I prefer to think of it as another way to be creative……we just find new ways to make it pretty again!

  4. Glen Ann says:

    Oh my! You have no idea how many times I have messed something up. I just made a beautiful card and thought at the end I should have added a small sentiment to a piece. When I was covering my ink pad I dropped it and left a large ink smudge on the front. I like your card because of its simplicity. Cute idea, and very creative.

  5. geraldine quesenberry says:

    A long time ago when i first started making cards i would get so upset when i made a mistakes. finally, one of my stampin up demos said to me, geraldine, this gives you an opportuninty to take your art in a different direction, somewhere you might not have gone. stretch your wings and see where it will take you. so true; i have made some extradionary cards doing this. (to me that is. LOL)

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