Valentine Portfolio Class

Here is the portfolio we created this weekend.  The measurements for scoring are below the picture. Remember, for the best scoring lines, rub a piece of wax paper over the card stock.  This helps the stylus to glide across the paper more smoothly.

portfolio 010

Place the card stock in your scoring tool with the short side across the top.  Score at 6 inches and again at 6 1/4.  Turn the paper so that the long side is across the top and the score lines are towards the top of the page.  Score at 3/4, 5 1/4, 5 3/4 and 10 1/4 inches.  Then at the 1/2 inch and 10 1/2 inch mark, score to the first horizontal score line.  I will try to add a picture soon, but you can use the one you made this weekend as a reference.

After folding and gluing your portfolio together, you can decorate it however you like and fill with hand-made cards for a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  Happy stamping!

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One Response to Valentine Portfolio Class

  1. Carolyn says:

    So glad to have these directions! I used to pay to have these cut with a die and now I can make and decorate my own. What a special gift this makes with four pretty cards decorated to go with the folder decor.

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